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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Y’all are probably too busy slaving over your stoves to comment today.  If so, I understand, believe me, I really do.  Thanksgiving dinner is a big operation.  But that said, having to prepare too much food is a first world problem not a third world problem.  Besides, it’s not the bird that’s creating all the work, it’s those sides.  The creamed onions, the squash, the sweet potato casserole with the little marshmallows on top, the two kinds of cranberry, the three kinds of pie.


The Pilgrims with their scrawny wild turkeys wouldn’t recognize our feast though we celebrate in their honor.  We even put our ceramic Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers on the groaning table . . . and after dinner, maybe between the bird and the pie . . . when we’re groaning instead of the table, we go around and have each guest tell what he’s most thankful for.


Despite all the problems in this troubled world of ours, we do have many blessings to count.  Without being Pollyanna about it, tops on my personal list is this wonderful country of ours where I live with my beloved family and enjoy the freedom to write my tongue-in-cheek Murders by Design Mysteries.  (Notice how I snuck that in—like garlic in the mashed potatoes.)


Number five in the series, The Design Is Murder just came out a week ago.  And of course, I’m especially thankful for that.  And for the fact that Charlotte, a five pound Maltipoo puppy, helped Deva Dunne solve the murder.  I could go on about Charlotte, but I have to run.  The green beans are waiting to be topped off with the fried onion rings.


Seriously, for a taste of The Design is Murder take a peek at Jean’s website: www.  Or for the whole piece, here’s the link:


Elise Warner said...

Congratulations on the new mystery. Your Maltipoo sounds delightful as do the three Thanksgiving pies. Have a happy.

Maureen A. Miller said...

I love that cover, Jean! And I confess to being a lover of Stove Top stuffing (shhh-you never heard that!)

Happy Thanksgiving and congratulations on the new release!

Marcelle Dubé said...

Happy Thanksgiving, my American friends! Jean, congrats on the latest release and on what sounds like a fabulous meal, and an even better tradition of sharing what you're grateful for.

jean harrington said...

Hello to you kitchen escapees! Thanks for the comments. And Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

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