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Friday, July 25, 2014

Meet the Heroes of The Patience Price Mysteries

Hey guys! Guess what I did today? I interviewed the heroes of my mystery series, THE PATIENCE PRICE MYSTERIES. Yeah, that's exactly like having a three way conversation with myself. So, you know, the usual :) 

Book three of the series, MURDER IN REAL TIME, arrives in September and book one, MURDER COMES ASHORE, hits the Harlequin book club in print this November, so these guys are definitely on my mind.  Book three is the final book in the series and it was finished last summer, so I needed this. I had a great time talking with them again and I hope you have fun meeting my guys. 


Julie: Hey guys. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. I know you’re both super busy, but I’m really excited to introduce you to my friends.
How about we start with introductions? Tell us your name, occupation and how you know my heroine, Patience.

Adrian: Me? Okay, I’ll start. *beaming smile* *shows off that blasted dimple* I’m Adrian Davis. I’m running for town mayor. I met Patience when we were still in diapers. We grew up together. *stormy blue eyes twinkle* She’s my soul mate.

Sebastian: *scoffs* I’m FBI Special Agent Sebastian Clark. I met Patience a few years ago when she worked human resources at the bureau. She interviewed and hired me.

Adrian: That’s why you call her Boss. *laughs* I get it. That’s cute. I just thought it was because she’s the boss of you. *points thumb at Sebastian* This guy. Hey, point of advice. Maybe try something more feminine like sweetie or sugar.


Adrian: So, they’re dating now. He followed her onto our island right after she moved back home.

Sebastian: I came here to help her clear you of a murder charge.

Adrian: *Sincere smile* Hey, I appreciate that, man. *lifts fist* *shields mouth on one side* I’m not sure that was the only reason he headed over here from the mainland, if you know what I mean. It looked to me like he was smitten from the start.


Adrian: *winks* You are a smitten kitten.


Adrian: *laughing*

Julie: Adrian, what do you think about Patience dating Sebastian? You don’t seem upset, but you just called her your soul mate. That’s complicated, right?

Adrian: Ah. Seb’s a good guy and he makes her happy for now.

Sebastian: *watching Adrian*

Julie: Sebastian? Any thoughts?


Adrian: He’s the strong silent type.

Julie: I see that. (I also see his hooded brown eyes and sidearm. Hot).

Adrian: *leans over to look at Sebastian* So, what do you two talk about? Old cases? Hit men? Serial killers who got away? Wait. Embezzlement. I hear that makes great pillow talk.

Sebastian: You’re a marshmallow.

Adrian: *Laughs* I like him. He keeps her safe. Until she comes back around, at least I know she’s safe.

Sebastian: *groans* *shoulders slump slightly*

Adrian: *facing Sebastian* Right? I mean, she needs at least a special agent to keep her out of trouble. She gets shot at, car bombed and abducted more than anyone on this planet. *shakes head* Loving Patience is hard. Takes a lot of….well…patience.

Sebastian: *chuckles*

Adrian: *smiles* She’s a trouble magnet. Patience runs headlong into firestorms trying to satisfy her insane curiosity. She’s a nightmare to care about.

Sebastian: *brow scrunches*

Adrian: *to Sebastian* Where is she now?

Sebastian: She’s covering phones at the station while Frankie runs out to pick up lunch.

Adrian: You left her answering phones. At the police station?

Sebastian: *eyes slide shut* *swears* *pulls off mic, stands, strides away*

Adrian: *watches him leave* *cracks up* See what I mean? She’s a handful. He’s got his work cut out for him. She’s probably already knee deep in an investigation. *sighs* I’ll be here when she’s tired of being rescued.

Julie: So, what? You wouldn’t rescue her?

Adrian: *leans in conspiratorially* I will always come for her. I just know how to make it seem like she was the one who did the saving. Hero-Complex back there can’t resist swooping in and saving the day. Patience isn’t the kind of girl who appreciates all the saving. *winks*

Julie: *swoons over the dimple* Well, there you have it folks. Patience has her work cut out for her. Charismatic love lost, Adrian, is back and waiting with open arms. Sexy alpha male boyfriend, Sebastian, is already in place for new love. I’ve gotta tell you. Those aren’t the worst problems a girl can have, but I don’t envy her the choice. Good luck, sister.


J Wachowski said...

Ooo, boy, Julie, that's fun! Now, I can't wait to meet them either!

Elise Warner said...

Never a dull moment when your friends are around.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Fun post, Julie!

Julie Anne Lindsey said...

Thanks guys! I enjoy those two fellows very much :)It was great to share them!

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