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Friday, December 13, 2013

More Highland Dreaming

Last night I dreamed I was in Scotland again. 

I'm sure it was because of the book I'm writing, currently called Too Far to Fall because it involves a fair amount of falling. Off high, twisty highland roads. Off high horses. Off the beaten path and headlong into love. In my case, I'm having an ongoing, passionate love affair not only with my hero, who's very hot indeed, but with the Scottish highlands themselves. I may be obsessed.

I've been fortunate to visit some stunning places. Santorini, for example, a Greek island that held me mesmerized with its beauty. And Bryce Canyon in Utah, with rock formations so otherworldly I decided I wanted to carve a little house inside one of them and just live there, completely off the grid, and make up stories about the other strange inhabitants… The Louvre at night when it's all lit up and the glass pyramids feel like crystal palaces planted in the wrong century. 

These are all places I hope to see again, but something about Scotland calls to me.  If this is an obsession, I don't want to be cured. Truth be told, I adore those sweeping Scottish historicals where the clans are all at war with one another and the handsome laird wins the heart of his enemy's woman. I can't get enough! 

In my book, two wounded but very different people meet by chance at the top of a treacherous highland road, brought together by a tragic accident that might have been murder. There are no clans at war, but Ben and Fiona must fight an elusive enemy to find the truth and
save an orphaned baby, nearly losing their lives in the process.

Have you ever visited a place that resonated with you so deeply you literally couldn't get it out of your head? —Ana


Anne Marie Becker said...

Yay, more beautiful pictures! :) I loved Santorini when we visited. Beautiful!
I'm often struck by the beauty here at home (and nearby). I live on a mountain near the Grand Canyon, where it snows (yes, this is Arizona - people don't believe it snows here). And a couple hours' drive is the beauty of the desert. Even closer is Sedona, and the gorgeous red rocks. I'm so lucky I don't have to go far to enjoy the beauty.
But it's the ocean that calls to me. I always find peace at the beach.

Ana Barrons said...

You live in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon? Oh, I'm so jealous! I love that part of the country.

J Wachowski said...

I love the photos, Ana!
And I love to travel places also. The places that resonated with me and wouldn't get out of my head are places where I felt a weird, possibly genetic connection. The first time I visited Ireland and the ironic, sarcastic jokes of the bus driver that drove me into Dublin straight off the boat--hit me like deja vu! I was further away from home than I had ever been--and yet, I felt like I was back in the neighborhood. :)

Clare London said...

I think these places are all so gorgeous to fall in love with :). I'm not much of an outdoorsy person - you've seen one mountain, you've seen them all?! - but I was genuinely awed by the scenery in Scotland when we visited. And the other place I will love for ever is Florence, its whole romantic atmosphere and fabulous art.

Marcelle Dubé said...

Ana, you had me at, "Last night I dreamed I was in Scotland again." What an evocative first line!

I envy you Scotland, as I've always wanted to visit. I'll have to do it vicariously through your book.

That said, I do live in one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Yukon. I defy anyone to come here and not be moved by the dramatic scenery.

Ana Barrons said...

You all are women after my own heart! I'm part Scottish, so maybe there is some genetic connection. I also love Florence, and I'm planning to visit Ireland within the next couple of years. Fingers crossed! I have also never been to the Yukon, but the photos I've seen are spectacular, so that goes on my list as well.

jean harrington said...

Okay, I agree with everybody; there are a lot of beautiful places on earth. But to get back to the beauties of Scotland, I have always been mad about Scotsmen in kilts, playing the bagpipes, leading the parade, swinging those "skirts." Sooo cool, and Ana you want us to believe it's the cliffs and stuff that call to you?

Ana Barrons said...

HA HA, busted! ;)

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