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Monday, February 11, 2013

Her Fatal Valentine, Part 4

If you’re just joining us, you should know that Not Your Usual Suspect authors are treating our fans to an eight-part mystery round robin, Her Fatal Valentine. It started on February 4, so it’s easy to get caught up!

We continue our Valentine mystery round robin with Part 4 of Her Fatal Valentine by Jean Harrington

“I didn’t kill your wife. Why won’t you believe me? The jury said I was innocent. Even the media came to my defense.” Lauren’s lips quivered and her eyes filled. “But not you, the one person who matters most.”

Detective John Carter peered down at her.

“Why should I believe you? You’re a liar. You killed Caroline.”  He jerked his chin at Kyle’s remains. “And now this guy. Why?”

Lauren shook her head, shaking the tears loose. “What you can’t believe is the truth. It’s too painful.”

She swiped at her tears with the back of a hand, and angry at showing weakness in front of John Carter, she shut her eyes, blocking out his angry image. Instead, the memory of that fatal Valentine’s night two years ago flooded her mind. She had been so ready for Mike, his warmth, his kisses, his loving—his proposal. She’d set the table with candles and flowers, had two perfect filets ready for grilling, champagne on ice and strawberries. She’d even bought new sheets.

Lauren smiled, remembering. Mike had been so eager to embrace her he’d left the apartment door open. Deep in his kiss, she was startled out of his arms by stiletto heels clicking on her foyer tiles…

The harsh voice of John Carter broke into her reverie. “Well, what’s your answer?” 


“I asked you a question. Why did you kill again?”

Lauren looked up, straight into the detective’s hostile blue gaze. Cell phone in hand, he was ready to trigger the alarm and call in his troops.

“Before I answer, I have a question of my own. What did you do with Mike’s body?”

Carter’s fingers hovered over the cell.

“Detectives aren’t first responders,” she said. “But you were first on the scene the night Caroline died. And again tonight. That’s very strange.”

“Yeah?”  He squinted at her and pocketed his phone.

“Yes, it is. So who’s the liar, Detective Carter?  You or me?”

Why does Detective Carter accuse Lauren of lying? Worse, why does he believe she’s committed multiple murders? Is it strange that he’s so quick to respond to the scenes of carnage? Or not? And finally, what did happen to Mike? Check back for Part 5 by Kathy Ivan on Wednesday, February 13.




Rita said...

BUSTED det Carter. Lets see you get out of this.

Anne Marie Becker said...

Who's the liar, indeed! And I think I'd stay away from both of them on Valentine's Day. ;)

Elise Warner said...

They both make me nervous.

JB Lynn said...

Love the way this story is panning out! Awesome job by everyone!

Jean Harrington said...

I'm nervous about the problem I left for writer #5. Yikes. This has been the most nerve-wracking Valentine's since second grade when I was afraid I wouldn't get one from the boy I was sweet on.

Kathy Ivan said...

Good thing my nails are so short already, or they'd be chewed down to the quick after this read. Although I do know how the next installment goes, Jean, so no worries (after all I wrote it.) LOL But after that I'm clueless.

Great job so far everyone. This is really fun. Hearts and flowers and bloody Valentine's? Who could ask for more.

Cathy Perkins said...

Ooh, ooh! Love this twist!!

And I love that you used all the parallels!

Clare London said...

Wowser!!! What a twist, I love it :)

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