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Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year...and I am late!

We have all heard of the struggling actor or actress who has waited tables and swept floors--all to pay the bills and fund their fantasies of grandeur. The same applies for authors. Authors are often associated with glamour, pink fuzzy slippers, and pool boys.  Alas, I am here to report that is not the case.  My slippers are not pink and fuzzy!

When a 'day job' consumes an author, you wonder where they get the inspiration to sit down at night (or 5am in my case) and write. It's simple. They are mentally ill. In a good way. :)  Authors have a sickness--a little worm in their head that only rests with the written word. Just last night I found myself running over to the laptop, typing the next paragraph in my book, and then running back in the kitchen to turn off the boiling water.  I ran back to the laptop, typed a sentence, and then drained spaghetti.  But each sentence was one step closer to closure.

Many mornings I wake up and wonder where the pool boys are?  Because aside from the written word, pool boys are the next inspiration!

Whether you are an author, a veterinarian, a cable installation technician, or a software do you juggle the demands?

Maureen A. Miller (who is feverishly trying to finish the sequel to BEYOND in the midst of life's madness!)


JB Lynn said...

Pool boys hold no interest for maid service....

I juggle by dropping a lot of balls.

Toni Anderson said...

My balls are all rolling around the floor just now. When I'm better it'll be interesting to see which ones get picked up and which get ditched :) Go, Maureen!!! Good luck on the sequel!!

Maureen A. Miller said...

Can maids edit? :)

Maureen A. Miller said...

Toni, you don't need a maid or a pool boy. You need tea and honey. :)

Marcelle Dubé said...

I started the New Year late, too, Maureen. I was supposed to be finished the third Mendenhall Mystery BEFORE Christmas. Now it looks like the end of January. ::sigh::

Good look on your sequel, eh.

Shirley Wells said...

You don't have pink fuzzy slippers, Gladys? Oh my! :)

I'm greedy. I want pool boys and maid service. Good luck with the sequel!

Anne Marie Becker said...

I don't have fuzzy pink slippers, a feather boa, on the other hand... ;)

Love the picture with the blog, Maureen. Captures how I feel as I run around most days, trying to juggle. My to-do list keeps me mentally sane, though I agree - this year is starting off with a bang!

Clare London said...

Well, I have the pink fuzzy slippers and 3 men in the house - but none of them are pool boys :). I just need someone to put food periodically in front of me and keep topping up my coffee - I've got 2 books due in March and no idea where I'm going to find the time to write them LOL. Keep juggling, you're doing great!

Jean Harrington said...

I feel your fever, Maureen. What I'm trying to say is that your angst came through loud and clear on your above NYUS blog and that's good writing. (I mean it, and I also think you can do with a little TLC.) Bottom line, I mean it. Have a Happy New Year.

Maureen A. Miller said...

@Marcelle - I always vowed I would never be late like my father. He can find 10000 ways to dawdle. I'm not a dawdler, but today I ran late! :)

@Shirley - You have a limo. You are the one they think of when they picture glamorous authors! LOL

@Anne Marie - You would look beautiful in a feather boa. I watch you from afar, and you truly do have a hectic schedule.

@Clare - If your 3 men top your coffee...I want one! :) I have faith you'll get them done, Clare.

@Jean - Oh dear. Did I sound frantic? Marcelle knows my secret. I was at work trying to type up the blog without getting caught! :)

Five O said...

I'm assuming your slippers have pirates on them.

Dee J. said...

You are not alone. I'm constantly dropping balls. (Just ask my husband. Oh, no, I did not just go there...)
Seriously, it's a giant juggling act. Sounds like you're doing better than me. Um... pool boys, yes, please, sign me up. Right after the maid.

Wendy Soliman said...

You do make me laugh, Maureen. I more accurate description of the unglamorous lives we writers lead I've yet to read.

Maureen A. Miller said...

@Five O - Nothing says glamorous like Buccaneer pirate ship slippers.

@Dee - Wow, Dee. You do have quite the juggling act! :)

@Wendy - You ooze glamour, my dear! :)

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