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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ENDLESS NIGHT by Maureen A. Miller

Romantic Suspense authors are often shrouded in a dark mystique...however you would be surprised to find that there is a lighthearted side to the romantic suspense authors at Carina Press. Rumor has it that many of us are aspiring singers! I'll share a couple photos of our act on the road!

Authors featured here: Wendy Soliman, Carol Stephenson, Wynter Daniels, Rita Henuber, Clare London

Authors featured here: Maureen A. Miller, Shirley Wells, Marcelle Dube, Julie Moffet, Toni (Boom Boom) Anderson.

We've been known to take requests, so feel free to drop some suggestions here and I'll pass them along to the group in our next practice session! :)

Okay, now back to the dark and desperate side of Romantic Suspense with an excerpt from my
romantic thriller, ENDLESS NIGHT.

Closing the trunk and hoisting it under her arm, she reached out to throw the latch open as the door ripped from her hands and the Atlantic screamed at her. 

She screamed back. 

Even with the collar pulled up over her ears, the sounds of the tempest assaulted her. In the wind, she heard the ghostly woman crying, the phantom that besieged her at night. Outside of Wakefield’s dark chambers, the cry took on a hollow sound, like a woeful moan meant to lure souls toward its source, the yawning black shadows beyond the cliff’s edge. Megan also heard the anxious murmur of ice and snow, like a thousand voices whispering about her, berating her, cajoling her. Amidst their dissonance, one voice broke through. 


Her body jerked and the radio fell to the ground. It wasn’t the storm that called her name. She spun around and instinctively crouched, prepared to attack, but she did not have her trusty GLOCK. She had nothing but her bare hands and a flashlight. 

“Margaret,” that chilled voice called again. 

Megan whirled and saw his outline. Night swelled into the menacing form of a man. There were no distinct features, only a shadow—a frightening profile that looked as if the storm had taken its vivacity and breathed life into this very monster. 

ENDLESS NIGHT is part of Carina Press's Romantic Suspense week, and eligible for their 20% savings!!

***And at the end of the week we're giving away a stack of ebooks (possibly a couple of print books too) to one lucky commentator. The more times you comment, on this post or on the excerpts, the more times you'll go into the 'hat'. We'll post the winner on the blog next Monday.*** 

Maureen A. Miller


Clare London said...

I'm still laughing, it's brilliant LOL.

And fabulous excerpt, Maureen! :)

MaureenAMiller said...

Thanks, Clare. Practice is cancelled for today in honor of Romantic Suspense week! LOL

Rita said...

Woot! Hoot! You are the hottest Maureen.
Love your excerpt.

Betsy Horvath said...

Wow....Just....Wow.... Now I shall take these images with me to work. So, thanks.

Oh, the excerpt was great, Maureen!

Toni Anderson said...

I love a good storm, Maureen! Great excerpt :)
And 'boom boom', awesome pictures :)

JB Lynn said...

Great excerpt! It left me wanting to read more!

Wynter Daniels said...

Love it! What a fun beginning to the work week! You rock.

Shirley Wells said...

Wow, we look great! I'm surprised we're not inundated with bookings LOL.

Love the excerpt, Maureen. Love the book. A wonderful read!

Anne Marie Becker said...

Love all of it! ;)

Kathy Ivan said...

Great beginning for RS week, Maureen. The photos are terrific! And the excerpt, woohoo!!!

Jane said...

Thanks for the excerpt, Maureen. Looking forward to reading "Endless Night."

Julie Moffett said...

I love you guys!!! Shimmy, shimmy, doowap, doowap!! :)

Stevie Carroll said...

A very effective excerpt there.

MaureenAMiller said...

Thank you everyone for your encouragement on the excerpt and for not laughing hysterically at my musical endeavors! LOL

J Wachowski said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I'm referring to the graphics as well as the excerpt. I'm so envious of the sparkly dresses.

Jean Harrington said...

Omigod, I had no idea you guys had such fabulous bodies!

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